Every once in a while it is fun to try something different in the bedroom. Maybe your man has been a good boy and never went to a strip club with his buddies. Or maybe he just got back from a bachelor party at the strip club and you need to remind him of how hot you are for your own reasons. You could reward him by giving him his own little private VIP show, and he gets to sleep with the stripper afterwards which is a huge bonus. So how do you become a stripper?

The thing you have going for you is there are tons of workout programs and workout DVDs that are Stripper Fitness. You can either go to a class at your local health club or you can buy the DVDs and practice at home. There are some fun and easy to learn routines that will get his blood boiling, and a bonus is you can get in better shape while you are learning. Obviously you will need some hot lingerie. If you want to go all out you can get break away panties and garters, but a nice set of matching lingerie will work just fine. Remember it’s about the overall package.

Now it is time to show him your moves. Surprise him one night having him sit down on the bed and get comfortable. Turn on the music and just go for it. Make sure you have sexy clothes over your lingerie so that you can actually strip during your dance. Take off one piece of clothing at a time and make eye contact with him. Throw in some signature moves of your own like a hair toss or a shimmy and have fun with it. You have to have fun or it will be uncomfortable for both of you.