Anyone who has ever watched Dirty Dancing knows that dancing can be very sensual. With club dancing there are a lot of factors. There is the constant flow of alcohol, the heat of the moment, your body temperature is elevated along with your heart rate, and you are grinding on one another. There is a pretty good chance that you are going to end up making out with your dance partner, and that is why it leads to sex a lot of times. There are plenty of clubs to go to and if you are looking to get laid then dancing is a good way to get to that point.

When you show up to the club you may not be looking to hook up but after you have a few drinks and start feeling the music then you may change your mind. Men sometimes get an awkward boner when grinding on a girl, and sometimes girls make it happen on purpose. Dancing and rubbing all over is a very sexual experience whether you mean for it to be or not. That much contact and the loss of your inhibitions can cause a perfect storm of hormones and desire.

When you are dancing make sure that it is with a willing partner. Nothing is worse than the guys that grind up on an unsuspecting girl. It’s awkward when you are dancing with your girlfriends and you are suddenly being poked by someone you don’t know. That is not sexy, it’s annoying. If it is your boyfriend or girlfriend or it’s a stranger dancing can always lead to sex. There is a reason it was forbidden in Foot Loose. Well also because those kids died going to go dance, but also because it leads to sex.